It hurts in my chest like a weight is pressing me down. I have short breaths, pinched by pain and negative thoughts. They race around my mind madly. I guess this is just how it goes. I’m sad and heartbroken still and trying my best to move on. My life is a lonely place sometimes, and that’s hard to swallow. I get sick and people abandon me. They realize I’m actually quite insane, and then want nothing to do with me. Sad but true. I guess I’m just full of thoughts. Most of them bad.

4 thoughts on “Struck

  1. Thanks for sharing this ! :) be strong ! It’s always hard in the beginning ! The best part about a break up is when you move on and love again , you will forget everything in your past and forget you ever loved anyone as much as the person in your present ! Hang in there :)

    • Thank you for your words. I am out there searching, as the loneliness of a break up is hard to take when you never wanted the relationship to end. We take hits, and we move on. I appreciate your contribution. :)

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