Lost Words

And then there was silence. Not sure if I’m ok with being shut out after so many fun exchanges. Didn’t do anything to deserve that, I believe. Unless my introspective processes are offensive? I just don’t get it. Sometimes, things take an unexpected turn, like a great conversation suddenly aborted. Like the beginnings of growth trampled over by regressing fate. I guess inherently good things will just go rotten for no good reason. All I know is that I’m being ignored. It’s sad. And not nice behavior after I did nothing to incur this reaction. But people are deep and mysterious, obfuscating motives and intentions to their actions. I guess I was expecting to make a friend. Instead I got cut-off before we ever got going. It’s not a reasonable decision, and I surely understand no part of the real reason, but alone again is all that counts. Still just trying to make a friend. Not succeeding.