After The Draft Is Done

I’ve had both drafts in my two leagues, and they went very well. I have a wide-receiver heavy team in the Ideus (Bailey) league and a balanced attack in the work league. I won the best draft award in the work league with a B+. And I’ve already had to put down some silly trades. Ian is right back at it trying to get me to trade week 1. He’s so funny.

Anyway, in the Ideus League my roster looks like this:

QB – Drew Brees
WR – Calvin Johnson / A.J. Green
RB – Alfred Morris / Frank Gore
FLEX – Antonio Brown / Roddy White
TE – Kyle Rudolph / Heath Miller
DEF/ST – Cincinnati
K – Steven Gostkowski

And In the Detail Oriented league:

QB – Phillip Rivers / Andy Dalton
WR – A.J. Green / Brandon Marshall
RB – Jamaal Charles / Le’Veon Bell
FLEX – Arian Foster / Andre Johnson
TE – Jason Witten
DEF/ST – Cincinnati
K – Matt Bryant

5 thoughts on “After The Draft Is Done

  1. I play to win, unlike last year where I didn’t win. I’m commissioning the league at Tech 2u this year, and just moved into 1st place at 5-1. I’ll send you another trade proposal… Don’t worry your pretty little head!

    • Hahaha, I’m not too worried. I have Brown in my family league and he kills it week after week. My only complaint about last year was that I traded my talent away, and had nothing left to make my late-season push. So this year, I’m thinking more about weeks 10-17 than anything else, and just hoping to be in some sort of position to get there. But I’m still down to trade, just let me know. hehe.

    • Pish. I’m not going to mourn over that. My priorities are lower than you might think. Getting to the postseason is my concern, but I would have liked Antonio.

    • Boom. Great trade you sent me today. Highly approve. Well done sir. I hope it goes through, though I can’t see why not. Week 8 it will resolve itself, as Edelman will go Thursday.

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