Hi blog. It’s been a little while since I really sat here and gave you the proper attention. Hi. It’s nice that you are here, because you never seem to get tired of listening. Lately, things have been looking in a positive and upward direction. I’m doing just great at work. Mike came over to hang out with me and I got stuck at work again and had to finish my shit before I could go home. I’ve been doing great though. I’ve found myself singing more. I’m not saying I sing respectably. I am on key though. I just might be down an octave. My emotions have been both regular and stable. I’m thankful for provocations, calamities or other boogers that can bring on feelings. Uncontrollable feelings sometimes. Or so it feels. I contend that my body is a container that my insane feelings can’t escape from. Like a thermos full of hot coffee that stays hot for a long time.

My ethic has been rock solid. I’ve missed a couple of days to illness, but I doubt they’ll hold that against me. I infrequently ask rock solid questions, or if I am ever derailed by an issue, it’s usually because some higher up needs to get involved. That’s an ok problem to have. I’ve earned a status amongst the senior staff as the stand out new hire. The one they will think of first when they look to hire some us permanently. That’s a day I look forward to with great anticipation. I know it’s coming, somewhere, somehow. The corporate machine works slowly. And I have patience.

I continue to look around for a place to live but living off of temp agency paychecks is tough. I don’t make enough on my own to get a place. Everything is slightly out of grasp, and really only feasible under some limited circumstances. When Mood hires me, and I get a couple of paychecks under my belt, I’ll look better and (importantly) be ready. This is a steady climb. It’s not a sprint to the end of the race. My parents have been very supportive, and have helped me along a stable path to recovery. I had a long way to go, and some distance to go yet still. Life is a never-ending ever-changing series of events, where outcomes are never certain. But that’s the great fuzzy curiosity about the whole damn thing. It keeps me going, because we humans are always up to something, and if we’re not, the Earth does the rest. Our society is just as volatile as the geologic history of our planet. We are only fooling ourselves if we think we are never going to have to deal with it (in some regard). Whatever it happens to be, something comes along and changes the whole equation. It’s just about inevitable. The only real requirement is participation, not spectatorship.

Well blog, it’s been nice chatting. I don’t have big thoughts all the time or anything. I am just trying to have an honest assessment. My introspective processes are all designed to help me stay fresh and ready for more life. I don’t want to continue to be irresponsible for my sentience. I could just as easily live obliviously, but I don’t, because the extra effort to learn things makes life exciting. For me at least. I hope you have a pleasant evening blog. I am sleepy. Goodnight.

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