Shiny Apple

So blog, I’ve been a busy little bee. I made two awesome new friends. Julie and Saskia. I have met both through OkCupid, and they have been engaging and fun in long-term conversations that have been both enlightening and fruitful. I’m learning two new people, and sharing my troubling little story, which Is a sad one at times, but I think it’s somewhat therapeutic to interact with people and talk with them about their lives. I mean, I’m not in a position to go out and get in a relationship AT ALL. Remember the Lone Bull Project? I haven’t given up on my long term goal of full independence, and established stability. I am not there yet folks. There’s still a ways to go yet. I have made some awesome progress, mind you. And I have not forgotten about any of the steps I have taken so far to get to where I am… which I’d say is like 65% of the way there. I’m getting closer every day. TODAY at work Dave took us aside and told us he was looking forward to having us hired as full time employees of Mood Media. I had to pipe up and say SOMETHING. I grabbed the fucking mic and told Dave, straight up, that we were looking forward, ALL OF US (and there were like 10 people in that room), to joining the team, and we still felt like we were part of the team because of the months of work we’ve already put in. But it would be fucking sweet to have one of those ID badges that open the back door. And my name above my desk. Boom. So It’s going to happen, Dave said he submitted the request to keep us to corporate. It’s up to them to say how many of us can stay. I must surely be the first one they are going to consider keeping. I’m fucking spotless. Shit never comes back at me. EVER. Fucking every other new hire there has dealt with blow-back from angry internal departments. Not I. I get friendly email replies all the time, thanking me, or asking me for additional information. Or even to check my damn price list. People just love making up reasons to call Westin. It’s great. I am highly appreciated there. So, I have that sort of RAD finish to the day, and Saskia and I have been chatting all week, and that’s been just so much fun. It’s nice to make a friend. A person I can relate to, who comprehends my plight, my life, my persona in some way. That’s recognition, respect, trust, the valuable attributes. I’m not going to relationshiptown. Not for a long long time. Not until my personal salvation project has run it’s course. So things are great blog. Happy Friday. Peace.