So today has been an outstanding day. I went on a fun date with Sara and we had beverage and walked around downtown La Mesa. It was a little hot. But we laughed the whole time, and I had a blast. I asked her out for dinner Tuesday night. I want to take her down to Filippi’s Pizza Grotto in Jamul because dude they make a mean pie. And they double-layer it with cheese. Fuck to the yes. So that was nice.

Later in the day, I went to go see about a place to live, and saw a quaint 4 unit house with a studio coming up for rent in October. Jan was super nice, and we really clicked. At least, it was my hope that we did. And she told me that they would decide in the morning. But no more than 20 minutes after I got home, she called and offered me the place. Wow. And just like that, the progress bar takes a big jump forward. The last real obstacle to establishing independent success. I feel like once the actual move is over, and after the dust settles, I can get into a normal rhythm. I eagerly await the ability to surf the internet, have a netflix account, have some real bandwidth to play with. Not that I need all that. Rent and utilities comes out to $850 a month, which is a tiny bit over my budget but until I get a pay raise my parents might have to help me stay afloat. Which is not ideal. But I’m just so damn close now. Marched right past that 65% mark I talked about earlier. I’m somewhere farther along. Making steady progress in an ever upwards direction. I’m just so happy to have found a place at last. And so close to family and friends. I know a lot of people in Spring Valley. The spot is great. No complaints as the grounds are quaint with a deluxe pool and spa combo. Hot stuff. October 4th is but two weeks away, and holy hell this is the official end of my temporary living situation. I have graduated on to a new phase, a step towards success. All signs point to yes.

So have a happy night. I treated myself to a yummy and now I’m going to snuggle-in for a comfy night’s sleep. Tomorrow is NFL Sunday and it’s really about time I got my ass kicked in the work league. I’ve managed to squeak by with the smallest margin of victory each week, which doesn’t make it any less a W, but it does add to the suspense. I have truly put my hat in for Houston against the NY Giants, on offense at least. Houston still has a few things to prove in defense. In my mind. After giving them a start last week and watching them choke away a decent number and end up with a measly 15.5. Boo. So Cincinnati will have the nod. But I have a feeling Arian Foster’s lighter workload may prove beneficial to Andre Johnson. Or so I hope. I need Andre to have a big game. After Julio Jones put up a crooked number (39) against me. That’s why I feel like I may have lost that one. But still anyone’s game, clearly. Sunday being far from decided. That’s why they play the games… so we might marvel at the amazing things that go on each week in the NFL.

Have a great night. I am.

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    • Yes. I’ve been busy lately with work and also trying to grow a social life. Taking measured steps towards success. Thanks for checking in.

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