After Banana

Hello blog. Fancy meeting you here. I’m doing swell, after a long day which started with therapy. It’s hard, getting started first thing going into some deep shit. Having to go back over the last two weeks and recap everything for Margaret. Which I don’t mind at all, and it gives us lots of things to talk about. Today we were going over some basics about what I’ll need when I’m independent: not just skills but essential stuff like nutrition and medical stability. I still have the county to lean on for now, until Mood hires me, then I’ll get the best medical plan they have. Fuck to the yes. In the mean time, I go see Dr. Judge on Friday at 8:30 in the morning. Not bad. I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by then.

I’m doing swell at work. Often times running into trouble that requires some form of manager to resolve. Stuff I don’t really know about, or have knowledge that the issue is beyond my sphere of control. There’s only so much a customer service agent can do, you know? I had a real reminder of how temporary I am today when Jason referred to me as a temp. I tend to think of myself as a member of the team, if not in law then in name. I’m one of them, and good at what I do. And I don’t hear any blowback from those guys who work all around me. They’re pretty reckless sometimes, like watching whole soccer games on the live stream, then stopping to take a call. But those guys are the first-class agents, and they get to do what they want because they’re fucking experts. I’m not, so I don’t feel I deserve the same sort of carefree attitude, or whatever we want to call it. You have to EARN your respect, and I intend to out-pace those guys and I do believe that I am. I took 28 today, and Oscar said he takes between 20  and 25 a day. I had 33 the day before, and I was busy pretty much the whole way. Until that last hour of death. But things have been good blog, very good. I can’t wait to move in. I’m just so excited about it. I’m looking forward to being able to dust everything, and set-up my computer station in a new place, and bring my giant LCD TV out of storage. They have dish, so score. I may need to talk them in to buying RedZone channel so I have things to observe on any given Sunday. Hehe.


So goodnight for now, blog, and be well. I’m still frisky so I’ll see you later.