The Nectar Of Guessing

We play so many games. We take calculated moves, and ruin them with foolish impulses. I find my self presently unafflicted by poor decision making. Not trying to jinx it or anything. I’ve worked hard, and made a ton of tiny incremental steps towards this moment of now. Success doesn’t approach by leaps and bounds. It meanders like the gentile erosion of a desert river. We stake too many things on happenstance and don’t give enough patience to our logical, thinking minds. Everything has become an instantly achieved sensation driven by a bloated want replete with fulfillment. Satisfied and gorged on getting whatever it wants. The tough choice are the ones that require a new set of merits: dedication, common sense, skepticism, analysis and hypothesis. The more time we give to thought, the better this existence will be. Courtesy a stranger because it’s easy to be cheap on observation. Recognition a vagrant at the hands of a gambler. Why do we tolerate such cultural norms? Am I the few, who refuse to play the game and become another suckler at the teat of Babylon? I beg for a more useful lot rather than the purgatory of desire. The Lone Bull Project is about living my life mindfully, openly. But I’m estranged from my peers. I have few things in common with you. But I guess that’s ok, considering I’ll NEVER compromise.