No Pot

I’ve officially off the pot. As I am moving into my new apartment pretty soon, I’d think it prudent to eject any activity that could upset the balance. The risk far outweighs the need in this circumstance. Frankly, I’m a recreational user, not so in to it that it’s fundamental or needed. So after using for nearly 6 months straight, I’ve stopped cold and had zero issues. It’s there, I do it, because it’s fun and a social thing. But in my spare time? As though I would take time out of the day to do it? No, not likely. Even if it were hunky-dory, I doubt I’d do it alone. It’s not any fun alone. Being part of the scene is a part of smoking, and if there’s no one around to talk to, all the social benefits of the drug are utterly lost.

So that’s happening. And I doubt I’ll be looking back. I’ve done this before, stopping cigarettes cold turkey. Not really a problem. I never relapsed out of a desire to do it. If I went back to it, I tried it for a while, and then gave up on it shortly thereafter. And coffee, which I genuinely enjoy, I could stop at any time. It’s just how I’m wired. I have no difficulty with that aspect of things.

A busy day at work today. I handled 37 calls today, but some of those were calls I made internally to the collections queue to get a few things done. I can’t print installation or equipment only invoices, so I have to go ask a collector to do it for me. Not a big deal methinks, but the collectors log themselves out of Zeacom so that they don’t have to take my call. Nice, right? Can’t answer the call if you’re not logged in to the program. But eventually someone helps me. Daniel is usually my go-to guy. I got some positive feedback at work today. Mike complimented me on my upsell at the end of my calls, only because I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone. If they need something, get it done for them now, rather than waiting until they’re desperate and need it in a rush and we won’t be able to do that. So thinking ahead is rewarded, apparently. I’m doing well. Trying my best, as usual.


Two more days in temporary land. Soon, the fruit of the tree shall be plucked, and it’s flavor enjoyed. Ok. Or something. How about: I’m pretty excited about all of this change, and I think this is for a really good reason that my life become finally situated in a place where it has a chance to level-off and be consistent. I yearn for stability. A lot of the things I have done so far have lead me to this point, and I am indeed happy to be here. I get sad, as evidenced by earlier posts. I get haunted by the darkness from time to time. But this is not Sparta. This is my life, and I don’t want to be kicked down a giant hole. Boo to that.


At any rate, I’m about to sit down for a fun fantasy football chat with my little sister. I’ll catch you guys later.