2 Years Ago Today

I started writing here at Neurochemically Challenged. It’s been a fairly unbelievable journey, with unexpected twists and turns. Through that two years, I’ve moved across California, got married and then divorced, got a job, lost it, and got another, AND will have moved into two apartments. Dude. And I’ve been ruler of my destiny, then petty straggler at the race of life. An amazing sum of change has transpired. I can’t say I’ve wholly enjoyed the experience. I’ve suffered with tremendous heartache and loss, while sampling the idea of joy. I can’t say honestly that I ever settled in or became truly content. I had no idea what I would really truly need in order to succeed in happiness. I had hopes that became delusions. I had memories which now burn like fire in the back of my mind. The future holds both doom and promise, with an indiscriminate sense of selection. What more can I say? I have rebuilt, destroyed, and rebuilt again. Each time, a new iteration with the hope of stability. I don’t know what’s coming next. And neither do you. That’s why we watch.

Blog. I’ve had many a vent-session and many a dark, foreboding poem. This is, after all, the unfiltered thought-faucet of an idiot savant. Preparing yourself for insane nattering is almost certainly needed.

Be well travelers. Goodnight. And happy second birthday.