Welcome Home Me!

I made it to my new digs blog. I’ve unpacked (90%) and am now enjoying my first evening in my own little apartment! I have a 1 bedroom unit on the hill in lovely Spring Valley, where I will be residing permanently for the foreseeable future (which I’m hoping, is a really long time). I like the people here, and I like that I’m not in a giant complex with dozens of other tenants. this is a 4 unit house, in which I am in a fully independent apartment nestled under the main house, which is built back up into the hills. I can tell you honestly that this is the greatest little place I’ve ever tried to call my own. It is the perfect size, has nice amenities and has good landowners. I just know I’m going to have a good time here. I can tell already, with how quickly we all executed the move itself, how little time it has taken me to unpack, how wonderfully I’m enjoying not having to live outside an RV anymore.


I was going to post some pictures, but things are not “picture ready” quite yet. I’m still dealing with some loose items, thingies that have to be put away or altogether taken away. I have some rolled packing elastic laying around, some miscellaneous items here and there. But like I said in the intro, we’re like 90% there. I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this Sunday, and I will have my TV hooked up as well. Sweet, right?


So goodbye for now. I’m ecstatic, and living it up in my own place! Hooray!

Lone Bull Project, you have taken a huge leap forward in making your 1 year goal! way to go!

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