The 40s

I’m way over metrics the last two days. Is it really going to be this way for the long term? I doubt it. Maybe things will slow down as the week progresses. But averaging 40 per day. Easily. Though the labor involved is fairly intense, and over 50% billing. Which is not what I was hired to do, but am doing it anyway because I’m a go getter. I put a ton of effort into my job, and it takes a physical toll.

I’m experiencing morning fatigue after I finish my coffee. I think I need to eat something first thing in the morning. Right now I’m eating hardly anything then taking my meds. Which I’m guessing is a bad plan overall. This high call volume for 3/4 of the day is wearing me down. I just handle so many calls. All these issues are bouncing around in my brain and ugh. Well, what can you do? Work is supposed to be hard.

I don’t mean to complain. I’m just expressing my mental exhaustion. I’m still on the clock, so things remain an ongoing saga of constant energy application. Sigh. And tonight I’m going to have to configure a router when I get home so I have a decent connection (which I currently do not have). The connection is shit, and it times out every time there’s any traffic on the network. Hopefully we get this sorted. But still tired. Blah.