My Friday Story

I had another blistering day in the billing queue, handling more than 40. And at least one very irate person who wasn’t listening to me even though I was nice. She just really wanted to yell at someone and I got lucky and pulled the call. I wish only that I could have helped the lady with what she wanted, but she wasn’t going to listen. Regardless of the words I said. I heard a song today that really hung with me, as you may have noticed by the song I put up late in the afternoon. It just reminded me of what it felt like to lose Jax and know I was never getting her back. Just hit me hard. Sometimes that happens with music, for me anyway.

Blog, it’s the beginning of my weekend. Yet another leading me to the week in which my new position will at last be realized. I went up to 14 an hour… which is effectively $300 more a month. It’s like getting a fifth paycheck every 4 weeks. And I will get medical benefits, retirement and all that. I fully intend to stay with Mood for the rest of my days, so buying into the retirement 401k is a great idea. Get started on living the high life later on down the road. And I do mean way way later.

I do feel like I’m walking on broken glass sometimes, but I guess it’s really a testament to how deeply I feel. I get emotionally injured, and that seems like a difficult thing to recover from even after nearly 7 months. She’s moved right along. But I have not stopped hurting… it just lessens after days, weeks go by. I don’t sit and cry about it like I used to. So I got that going for me.

Tomorrow we pack the truck and head on out to lovely Lake Morena for a one-night campout. I haven’t been camping since… OH WAIT, I have been camping outside my parent’s RV for the ENTIRE SUMMER. And what do I go and do the first weekend I get to myself? I go camping. Duh.

So blog, it’s been an intense week, and now it’s time to take a break and have some fun. I will, however, not particularly enjoy sleeping on the ground, as dirt is usually pretty hard. It makes me think: if I were homeless, I’d get tired of sleeping on the ground in a hurry. It may be enough to inspire me to advance myself to the point of not having to sleep on the ground. If get motivated for the sake of comfort. For sure.

Goodnight blog. Hope you have as much (or more) fun with your weekend as I will.