On The Ground

I’m writing you from the place that used to be Lake Morena, but is now a desolate basin of dead plants and sand. Google said that we were under 25 feet of water on our little hike around the perimeter of the so-called lake. We went right out to the dead center of what should have been the eastern edge of the lake, and found nothing but sand. Sand, dead water plants and bare rocks which all carried the straitons of previous water levels. All since long gone. The water at Lake Morena is at 4% capacity, and no matter where you look, there’s no water. No water where there used to be 20 feet of water and submarine plant life long since crisped in the unforgiving sun. We must have walked close to a mile into what should have been water, and found not even a single fishing lure stuck to something. I observed some active geology in the area, but mostly an impacted Quartz vein that had been long since eroded into crumbly bits. I got to talk a little geology with my camping crew. But here I am, in my tent, about ready to call it a day. I hope you all have a much more comfortable night than I am going to have. I will be hoping the dirt I’m sleeping on will at least let me rest for five hours or so. We’ll see. But this is camping baby. Rough it or die.

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