Crispy Critter

So the night was rather eventful. A screech owl decided that 2:47 am was a great time to make a bunch of noise. I checked my phone really only because I was hoping it would be close to sunrise. Wrong. Sometime after that, I was again alerted by the sound of very loud snoring from some distant campsite. So unreasonably loud. I can’t even imagine the dozens of people who would have (no doubt) been perturbed by this onslaught of auditory interference. I was hundreds of feet from the source, and it still got my attention. All those shenanigans, plus the unforgiving earth caused various parts of my body to fall asleep and get so tingly that I was forced awake on multiple uncomfortable occasions. Ok, camping rant over.

On the bright side, I had my own tent which was easy to set up, and faster to take down. The air was awesomely fresh and the stars were phenomenally clear and bright so far from city light pollution. I did have a fun time out there. It’s still a shock to see the lake had almost completely vanished. The last time I was there, maybe 10 years ago, the terrain was vastly different. The first few RV hookup sites were all lakefront. Now, there’s no water anywhere in sight of the campgrounds. It must be pooled up at the base of the dam, harboring some truly foul level of mud and dead fish. I bet all the bass are gone, with a catfish or two making up the remnants of a once diverse aquatic ecosystem. This drought has clearly taken a toll on our local landscape. Sad, but also largely out of our hands.

I’m in bed pretty early tonight. I’m just so very tired blog, and was so eager to climb into my comfortable snuggle place. I am relieved to be on my mattress. Grateful even. Thank that guy who invented the mattress. Brilliant.

It’s the start of another work week, and this will be my last week receiving an Eastridge paycheck. On the 20th, we officially start as full time employees of Mood Media. The raise was just perfect, and set me squarely on the path to self-sustaining independent life. I’ve never before been so unwaveringly sure of my future, now that it is squarely in my control. I’m the master of my domain, the presidential decider of my fate. I feel both gratified and confident. No one else can derail this but me. And I’m all I need to count on.

I hope you all had fun with your weekend, as I did (more or less). I did get a little drunk, which also helped me sleep. Good timing.

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