Shivers down the bone-spine,
The wet hiss of rain.
Skin pulled like a drum,
Cracking under the sum.

Amidst the shadows, long
Whispered moments–
Eaten by time.
Pale light of the dawn,
Cold alleys and wasted days,
Churning in the innards,
Split in two by thunder.
Driven like a bent nail–
Contorted wrong,
About the mystery of chance,
The shouting cries of pain,
A heart thumping deep,
Scraped by trapped hands–
Put between like bricks,
Separated forever.

Making lies dripping sweet,
Stung in the gasp of terror,
Expelled by thieves,
Shattered mirror.
A face without a name,
Quiet sadness,
Abhorrent in memory,
The pale rumor lingers,
Strumming like fingers,
On the edge, not looking back
Falling swiftly into nothing.