Closed Out

I’m stuck at work today as my dad needed the truck. It’s fortunate that we even have the freedom to do this, and somewhat a bummer since I can’t flee to my truck or even go out for additional food. I should start bringing more for lunch. I have nothing for the end of the day. I eat early, like at 10. But I’m also up by 5:30 or 6 am. So it makes some sense.

I just got off the phone with my therapist, and an intern is going to sit in on our next session. This will also be my second annual review at North Central Region Center. So I’ve clearly stuck to it, and never missed an appointment. I also talked to Annette from Hope Connections, and they are going to close out my case, as the resounding opinion is that I’ve achieved success, and met my goals. I remember first walking in there and telling them about what I had been through. I sad story with no end. I was at a zero point, and from then on forward, I started climbing. I had a long ways to go, but I stayed strong and met my goals. I’m doing great, and Annette was super happy to hear about all I’ve done. I had been meaning to call her, because it had been a couple months between check ins. But here we are, severing the ties with the gantry and standing independent. I’m truly happy with where things ended up. Blog, you were here the whole time. You saw it all. I hope you are as pleased with the outcome as I am.