Adventure Season

We’re going rockhounding this Saturday, and I already have our site picked out in the McCain Valley, right at the top, in the Anza-Borego State Park. All through the valley is primarily Indian land, but this one secluded corner is still in our reach. I’m not quite sure what to expect, besides schorl. I don’t even know if we will be able to get there, but we could sure try, as the pickings in the McCain Valley are good.

I’m at home, and so is everyone else, so the Internet connection speed is pathetic for websites. It usually times out, and I’m now contemplating reconfiguring my entire setup to maximize connectivity to the router, which is up and deep in the main house. I’m not positive what sorts of things disrupt a wireless n signal, but I know it’s happening. I’ll reposition my wireless antenna so it’s closer to the ceiling and maybe that will help.

As I paused in writing this post to test my theory, I report success, and a now 130mbps signal almost entirely uninterrupted and very near the ceiling.

I’ve been trying to nap for hours, and nothing’s working. I drank my last beer hoping that would make with the sleep, but no dice. I downloaded and installed Diablo II earlier this morning, running the famous drop mod, which will be fun starting over with as I have long since deleted my old toons. I used to play with Jax, but that was a disaster, and just another complaint that I was too controlling. We never went back to it because we could never talk about and address our problems. She would get mad about something but never look to fix it, or at least talk it out. That wasn’t her way. She buried problems deep and waited until the breaking point to uncork everything. It must have made it easier to cheat on me; all that unresolved anger. Why not cheat on him? He’s a fucker.

Blog, I think I needed today, but I always get frustrated with myself when I can’t perform at an optimal level. I mean, I forget that I have s disability which can hold me back sometimes. I’d rather be normal, and be able to grind out my days and never have to think twice about it. But I’m not, and beating myself up over my shortcomings isn’t helping me.

At least I have the weekend. I’m hopeful that tomorrow’s adventure is fun and good, as most rock collecting trips tend to be. McCain Valley or bust.

I would have been wholly useless at work today. I barely have enough energy to keep myself conscious, but too much to fall into sleep. It’s a tough spot. Goodbye for now.