I gave in, and called myself in for the day. I had been debating all morning, as I woke up lat again and had a really hard time getting started. My battery must have been at 30% or less right when I woke up, and I can’t function like that. I know I need some rest today, some nap time, and food, and not the pressing stress of work keeping my energy level from coming back up. I just had no choice, other than to force myself to go and suffer miserably all day, which I was not willing to do for fear of sullying my good feeling towards work. I like my job, but I’ve been grinding for like 3 weeks here and I needed just 1 day of extra rest, which I believe is permissible. I have to put my health as the number one priority, and frankly, I’m doing great financially and will be just fine for next week. I get a boost in pay, and will grind every single hour I can get at that premium rate. No reason to fret. I’m getting more and more sedated in the mornings because of the Geodon interacting with food, I suppose. I had been taking it on an empty stomach earlier in the year, and didn’t have this problem… but I need to continue to take it as prescribed, which includes a meal.

I’m going to catch up on some rest blog, after I finish my laundry. I know, exciting right?


I  also made contact with a Cynthia on OkCupid, and I hope that we can have a decent conversation over the course of the weekend, and week. I’m only looking to chat with someone. I don’t want anything more than a friendship, thought I’m sure we will encounter an impasse if things do progress as relationships do. But I don’t know. I’m going to just play it by ear, and see what happens. I’m in no rush, and have no expectation. Boy am I tired. Damn this Geodon.


**update 11:00 am**

It appears the Geodon causes drowsiness without the ability to then sleep. This is a good thing to note, as I now know not to try and sleep it off, as this will not alleviate any symptoms. I may be able to crash out later, but I’m extraordinarily tired and unable to appease it. Lesson learned. I suppose.