Poor Marco looks like he let his emotions take control or something, because now he’s not at work anymore. I knew he was pissed about the whole thing, but I didn’t know he would get kicked out of the office for it. Though this is only speculation based on his absence from the queues today. He was here briefly, then he was gone.

I’m struggling through my morning drowsiness. But moving past it now. I was hurting earlier and ate my lunch to get my energy back up. Seems to have worked.

I’ll be checking in periodically as this day has slowed to a crawl already. With loads more time to go.

**UPDATE 3:00 pm**

The queues are sorta slowing down. But not staggeringly slow. I haven’t heard back about my I-9, which I assume is a good thing. Today has 3 hours left to it, and my day will be slow. I usually see a pickup in billing calls because the people in Austin go home and the late night billing calls go straight to us.

It’s going to be a good day. I’m having no trouble with my feelings and generally keeping my head down. feel positive about the steps I’ve been taking in my independent life. Ever do I realize the hard work I put in to get here. And let’s not forget all the fantastic people who helped me. Never forget. But things are slowing down. Conversation getting a bit too off topic for my liking. Up to a pitiful 19 calls handled on the day. I’ll be lucky if I get above 25 today. Slow day. But I’m doing my job at a high level, and boy it has certainly been a while since I had an order kicked back at me. Not even a so-called “coaching” email that I actually deserved. I’ve been on a roll.

I’m packed this week. And I actually invited Joseph over for football this weekend, but I have a feeling he’ll turn me down. I’m just not cool enough for them guys would be my guess. I’m going to have fun regardless. Goodbye for now friends.

**UPDATE 5:30 pm**

Almost to the end. Just me and Gabriel the whole rest of the way. Jason being out today. But we’ve got this. It’s been a day blog, both good and somehow not busy enough. People like to just fuck around and are even sometimes informal when they answer the phone mid-laugh. Don’t like that.

But I don’t get it my way most of the time. Just too many “cool kids” out there. Hangin’. So I’ll see you probably tonight.