The Need Driven Action?

I’m having a bit of a mental debate: what constitutes a good decision, if we can truly see no farther than what is directly ahead? I think back on mistakes I have made, and I wonder about why I made them. So many critical, time-sensitive factors come into play at these junction points. But I clearly didn’t comprehend more than the immediate, and later perished under the strain of badness come to light at delayed intervals. Is this a common problem? Because now I think I’ve gone radically conservative to prevent such decisions from even being on the table. Why burden myself when this whole line of thinking can be avoided?

I’m not saying apprehension has become my way of life, but I am trying to think about my decisions a lot more. Albeit, I haven’t made any risky ventures which would put any portion of my reality up for grabs. This presents me with an unwavering routine (a concept I have failed to follow at every turn up to this point), that I must adhere to or perish. My life depends on my consistency. So preserving life should be my ultimate goal.

Either way I look at the prospect, I don’t see how I can avoid making terrible mistakes if I don’t have the hindsight of knowing what compendium of variables exist attached to the event. Why am I even frustrating myself trying to? I’m resigned to caution. But how will I ever “spice up” my meager existence without risk?