Tuesday Action Check-In

Hey. I’m moving right along this morning. I feel like I have more time than I want to have before work, and not enough after it’s over. But this is my schedule, and it also affords me a less-stressful working environment, which I am glad for. I wonder if the guys who sit around me try as hard as I do. I somehow think that with time and familiarity comes complacency. Like they’re so good at the job they hardly even have to try. It’s speculation, albeit. I don’t really have much to go on, as I don’t ask questions that would cause me to dig at the truth.

I was pleased that someone other than me threw one of the delinquent employees under the bus where he belongs. Dominique is a fucking idiot, and on top of that character quality, he just plain doesn’t do his job. Poor Marco had an overnight shipment land on his plate and had to do it all by himself because Dom had only just started the order, then just left for the day. The order would never have shipped, and the customer would have been irate if what Dom promised him he’d do never actually got done. If I had an order that I didn’t finish, it would bother me every second of the day until I got it finished, booked and shipped. I wouldn’t be able to just get up and leave. I have a conscience. I would know that I was failing at my duty. Dom is a fucking moron, and he doesn’t have that problem.

Today I intend to kick a lot of ass, and take names as I go. Or I could go Duke Nukem and say that I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum.

Tomorrow I go in for therapy. And that night Angi is coming over for dinner. Then the next night, my parents are having a party at my uncle’s house as my parental convoy will be headed north on Friday morning. They’re going up the coast to Sacramento to see my sister. So I really will be totally alone.

But I always have you. And I can get all my frustration out, while also sharing the finer points of existence with you. Seems like a good deal.

**UPDATE 9:00 am**

I’m going to eat some Skittles. Haven’t done that at work since I was a VAO at the San Diego Zoo (at that time, I essentially lived off them). Not exactly what I am planning, but I did just turn in my completed I-9 to HR so I can be an official employee and whatnot. I knew I needed some time to make all the copies and send the completed form as an email attachment. So that’s done. Now all I’m waiting on is for the management staff to fix the confidentiality statement so I can fill out the e-form online. It’s currently broken, as discovered by me.

So I’m going to punch my time card in a little under 30 minutes. I hope Marco has a better day today. Dom is up to his usual loud-mouthery and laughing in that stupid way hacks. Sigh. At least Kevin is out of there. Good riddance. I couldn’t understand half of what that guy said. Truly failed at language.

Goodbye until later, when boredom will bring me back here.