Talk It Out

I’m about to head in for therapy. Though it’s not likely to be an exfoliating session, but rather, my annual review with an intern present for training. Not that I mind any of that. It’s just going to be a “business” rather than “personal” session. But weeks overdue, so it’s about time we got to it.

Other than that, I’m not on any coffee, and I’m also conducting an experiment to see if my drowsiness because of the Geodon is linked to eating food with it. So far, I seem to be ok. But we won’t know anything until about 9:45 once I’m at my desk and trying to concentrate. Lately, focus has been a huge problem because of the fatigue. I was even fearful I had been so out of it that I may have messed up an order because I couldn’t keep track of what step I was on. Hopefully it’s the food that’s causing the drowsiness to take hold, and if I stay away from it first thing in the morning, I’ll be fine. Test in progress.

Other than that, I’m doing fine. No crazy feelings that I can’t control, no moments of collapse to speak of. My dinner with Angi might be postponed until Friday as she has plans already for Wednesday. But that’s probably for the best, as I don’t want to be strung out all day from having to get up and go around 6 this morning.

Have a good day out there. I know I will, regardless of what happens.

**UPDATE 10:15 am**

Not drowsy at all. This is great news. I have to stay away from food in the morning. Done deal. I’m back.

**UPDATE 12:00 pm**

Still going strong, but I did break my no coffee rule for today. But I do vow to stay strong there. I’m not buying any for my house, and since the coffee at work is just so foul, I have little motivation to deviate. I’ve been getting some just some silly slash stupid calls today. Moving on.