Cat Napper

I’ve never really tried just having a sleep in the middle of the day, because I have had a hard time doing much afterward. Considering my responsibilities are all done for today, I can pretty much just relax and do whatever I want. Sounds good?

I was right about just needing to go to bed yesterday to get the badness out of my brain. It’s gone now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this football eve. My day has been uneventful. I finished act 2 and am about a third of the way through act 3 in Diablo II. The last thing I did was to give Ormus the Gidbinn and receive a substandard rare magic ring. I am still looking for the Flayer Jungle waypoint and my character is about to be level 30. But I find I’m being abused by the ranged (blowgun) flayers and have to full rejuvenation potion myself a couple times when I get into a swarm of them. I’m also keeping my rogue scout archer (ranged) and I keep her gear updated. I’m an Assassin (melee) and do not like chasing after stupid flayers when they run away like they do. And the fire breathing shaman flayer stack hurts me bad. But in PDM, I get access to Phoenix Strike and the third charge releases a big blast of cold which will stop those pesky flayers dead in their tracks. Ah, good times.

But besides all that tomfoolery, I’m having a great day. I have been in bed writing this blog post, but now that it comes to it I may not nap after all. I need to be up by 6:00 am tomorrow to find out if Megatron will suit up for the Detroit Lions, as they meet the Atlanta Falcons in Wembly Stadium, London. That’s a 6:30 am pacific time kickoff, for a back to back to back to back Sunday of NFL games. Yeah buddy.

So it’s going good. I’m still drinking coffee, and I kinda feel like I might have to keep doing it. The only thing that cuts down the terrible morning Geodon drowsiness is coffee, and when used in moderation, still has an awakening effect. My problem was that I was drinking a truly excessive amount of it daily, including the rancid sludge they are so quick to procure at work. Barf. But if I time it right and make my coffee after I’ve taken the Geodon, I get into a normal offset of symptoms. So I know I said I was going to stop with the coffee, and I don’t mean to go back on what I said, but you see my predicament. Not taking the Geodon with food lowers its effectiveness by 90%. I can’t have that. And I wasn’t getting drowsy because the medication was not being processed at all. I will still not be drinking alcohol at all, as there is no benefit whatsoever to it. And pot I will never do on my own or have any on hand in my house. It’s not practical and not needed.

I hope your Saturday is going well. See you later.

**UPDATE 4:30 pm**

No nap after all. I just watched some tv and played a little more Diablo II. I think I’m doing great. I reached out to my friend Jacqueline (not my ex), and we’re going to have a dinner at my place sometime next week (when she’s done being sick). She just came back from a vacation in South America, which has a face value of being exciting. I don’t think travel really “does it” for me. I tend to stick to traveling to places where I know the rock collecting is good.

Believe it or not though, I crawled back into bed and am now in a sort of limbo: impossibly early for bed, too late to cat nap. I’d fall asleep and wake up at about 1:00 am and be wondering why I did this to myself. Tomorrow at 12:00 pm I’m going to my cousin’s daughter’s birthday, her first. My parents gave me a present to bring to them, so I am going just right over the hill to La Mesa (on the way to where I used to work) for an afternoon of fun. Football will be on, and my fantasy team better put up a decent amount of points this week. My playoff chances in the family league are dwindling with unimpressive performances for the last 3 Sundays. Boo.

So hi. I’m having a good time not doing much. I think I am looking forward to getting back to work a little bit. To be honest, the time off is a bit uneventful because I don’t really have plans to do much. I’m not out rock collecting my myself. That could be a disaster if I were to get hurt out there and have no one to help me. I had invited Joseph over but he kinda ignored me, so I won’t be asking him again. My family is always available for stuff, but at least for the time being, I kinda like not having anyone else around. I can patrol the house in my underwear, I can pee with the door open, I can decide to lay down at any time and no one will judge me for it. I don’t have anyone’s standards to meet but my own.

So happy Saturday to you, in doing what brings you respite.