Polarity Personal

I’m a creature of change, rarely abiding the static, emphasizing progress. I guess part of me is always looking for answers, but I’m not sure at all what I’m seeking. Maybe I can never settle, and am bound to a life of constant change? I don’t think the world operates in polar opposites (even if my mood does).

I have a lot of questions on my brain, clearly. I’m doing my laundry and listening to my awesome mega shuffle of hits. I owe you all an October album as well, which I have some ideas about already. I suppose I’m doing fine, all things considered. I have some bad feelings in me still, and a lot of it is totally unnecessary worry over things I can’t control.

I will be more proactive about reaching out for friendships. I have a way of totally isolating myself if left to my own devices. I don’t want to fall back into that again. So this weekend I’ve got guests coming over and parties to go to. I’m working on not turning into mole man.

So have a good Saturday. I’m going to be busy in a good way this day.