I don’t think I want to rant about old stuff. The past is gone and means nothing for the future. I’m happier now than I have been in many years, and I’ve made huge strides in being (by my own evaluation) a better person. The past is dead. The future is now, and I’m glad for where my life has brought me. Everything, even pain, is a learning experience. And I’ve done a lot of learning.

So I’m sorry about that rant, if you happened to see it before I took it down. There’s no reason to reiterate the obvious. My life is mine to live, and no one stands between me and my future. I hope your day takes a positive upturn, as mine has. Be well travelers.

**UPDATE 1:00 pm**

Thanks for putting up with my temper. I really have no cause to feel cross. I’m trying me best to be introspective, but sometimes I dig up unpleasant stuff and that can be not fun. In truth, I’m doing fine. I have a lot of genuinely great things going for me, and I can’t be thankful enough for the life I have been given. It’s been nearly 10 years since I felt do situated and in control of my destiny. All I have to do here is continue to apply myself and I will surely go far. I appreciate your positive responses. Thanks.

As a side note: I’m especially proud of my willpower. I’m choosing not to spiral down into poor eating habits. No junk food, no sugar, no bad stuff. All around me at work people eat fast food and candy all day long, and I usually eat my mayo-less sandwich in my truck alone. It’s alright. I’d much rather be healthy then deal with the long-term consequences of eating poorly. But surrounding me is temptation, that I have been able to challenge myself to resist. I stopped marijuana, sugar and alcohol. I’m on the path towards a better state, and I thank you for coming along with me. Have a super day.

**UPDATE 3:00 pm**

I have a headache right now. Trying to drown it in coffee but that isn’t working. I really should go shopping today but I don’t think I’m going to. I didn’t plan well today and ended up with no lunch. I have no excuses, just not doing enough to get my show together. I could have gone out for a sandwich at lunchtime but meh. It’s pretty boring in my world. I don’t need all the shiny parts of life to keep me going. I can live on a bare minimum of nourishment and don’t have a need for constant entertainment. But that’s always been my MO. I’m a thinker and a dreamer, and I procure my own imaginative wanderings to pass the time. I’m happier not being a sheep amidst the flock. It solidifies my solidarity, but that’s fine by me. Others are a liability. And an unnecessary risk. Things are moving right along. Can’t complain. Be well.

**UPDATE 4:15 pm**

So dead around here. I’m getting like one call every 20 minutes. I keep thinking about my past, my regrets. But then I wonder what the hell good that does me. I don’t benefit from wishing something that did happen, shouldn’t have. I guess things are going so well for me that I’m scared like something terrible may come along and derail my party train. Jacqueline is supposed to come over this week, and I’ve been getting a lot of attention from my friends, who call to check in on me. I’m feeling the love blog. I should continue doing this, my life, much in the way I have been, which had spurned my most recent streak of unprecedented success. I’m happy inside blog. I talk to myself over the weekends and laugh at my own jokes. It’s not pathetic, I think, but endearing. I’m a big fan of who I am, and I don’t need anyone’s approval to go on being myself. I have been listening to the Pointer Sisters this last few days. Because “Neutron Dance” has been my secret theme song. I’m done updating this post for today. Bai.