Hello again. I’ve decided to try and do away with the rants of frustration I sometimes find myself posting here. Problem being that ranting about things that bother me do not address the things themselves. I’m all about solving, not complaining. My solution to those feelings of frustration will now look more like an internal release rather than an external excretion.

I used to harp on addressing issues so that they stop becoming a nuisance. But lately I’ve found myself slipping back into a pattern of complaining about things but not resolving the core issue generating it. So I’m going to try an internally let go of my problems as they arise. Giving them life here on the blog is not a good idea. They achieve a status I don’t want them to have, and they aren’t fun to read, and accomplish nothing. So we’re taking the high road on this one. I’m going to need to learn how to tolerate unpleasantness without venting it somewhere. And this seems like a good idea, as I’m going to need to improve all forms of coping skill in order to get through my life. It’s a step I should have made a while ago. It’s hard to make internal decisions like that though, especially when there’s no one around to reflect back at me.

Onward and upward I say. Time to institute a better way of handling the frustrating aspects of life. I can manage that in a healthy and constructive way. I may falter, but at least the blog will henceforth be free of needless ranting. I will still need to talk about my down times, but I don’t need to be barfing my woes to you on a regular basis. Wish me luck.