I just found out my debt consolidation payments will be lowered to $10 a month which is like: how will it ever get paid off at that rate? I guess they just need you to be actively trying to pay it down, not actually forking over an amount that would make a short-term difference. But I’m excited to get these loans out of default. That will be awesome. I have an unsettling feeling that there may be even more loans out there that I still have to pay, but I’ve heard nothing to give me that indication.

If you read the comments you know that a neat WordPress blogger named Sasha has become a new pal of mine and a friend of the Neurochemically Challenged blog. Hers, Rambling For Clarity is another example of a person being determined to better her life through an introspective journey. I especially admire her 90 day sugar reduction health kick. That is hard to do, for sure. And she’s on day 47 so over the hump. Way to go!

Work is slowing down like it does at the end of the day. I work Saturday for 4 hours of training. Not bad. Fatter check this time around.

But things are going great. I’m out here handling my life like a pro. I can’t complain, and know that I’m applying myself fully to the task of managing my life with efficiency and pride. And I am quite proud of all I’ve done. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more stuff.