88 Degrees

Is it still summer, or is it fall? This part of the country doesn’t do any other seasons but summer, it would seem.

It’s been a slow day. I’ve felt pretty tired since therapy this morning. I feel like I make life harder than it has to be sometimes. I tend to judge myself in situations where I might be better served by compassion. Margaret was good to point out how I can try and hold on too tightly to control, and how sometimes I need to loosen my grip (where applicable). But I still need to be in the driver’s seat of my life. No doubt. It’s pretty important that I do a good job managing myself too, because I’m all I have.

I’m going to see Dr. Judge on Friday, as I am feeling like we may need to up the medications. My instability of late has me worried that there is a deeper neurochemical cause to all of this. Either way, I need to give it my attention.

9 thoughts on “88 Degrees

    • Haha, I don’t envy you out there in the frozen tundra. You do, however, get to utilize an actual separate wardrobe when the seasons change. I do not. I can wear shorts year round. Probably not flip-flops all year, but you get the picture. It’s a different world out here, that’s for sure. And a really special place to live.

      • I LOOOVE winter clothes! They are so cozy and comfy! Although, when I lived out there it was uncharacteristically cold that winter. So, I was in sweaters anyway!

      • I know what you mean about winter clothes. I think I look WAY cooler in a jacket, but wearing one out here is only possible if you’re out for a stroll in the mountains, at night, in the dead of winter. Then you’re saying: gee, glad I brought this nifty jacket, I’m warm and I look fucking awesome!

      • Gee, this sock hop would be mighty niffy in my poodle skirt and jacket. Ok, I couldn’t fit the jacket in very well but you made me think of the fifties.
        I feel as if this whole monologue would have come off much better in person. Ugh the internet makes me look super weird instead of just cute weird hahaha

      • ROFLOL sock hop!?! I should never have used “gee” and “nifty” so close together. I knew I was asking for trouble. Haha, I totally got your humor. Lesson learned: watch your antiquated terminology around Sasha. She’ll be right there with a keen snarky comment before you can say “well golly gee that was fast.”

      • hahahaha the joke is on me because I am sitting over here literally laughing out loud like a goofball!
        But it is true! I am all about those snarky comments! I am the ginchiest daddy-o! I love google!

      • Hahaha! You and me both in the laughing out loud department. You crack me up. I’m really glad to have met you Sasha. You’re a lot of fun. And wise, witty and cute too! You got it all going on girlfriend. Hehehe. Hope you have a good night. Thanks for your comments, as always.

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