Busy Holiday

Apparently no one got the memo that this was a holiday. The billing queue has been slammed all day. Lots of payment calls, and people with involved issues. I’m terrifically busy. Been hammering through calls all morning. But this is what they pay me for. I’m not griping, mind you, just remarking. I though today would be slow. I was dead wrong.

**UPDATE 12:30 pm**

The pace has not let up. I must have 20 or more calls already and I’m not even half way there. But I needed to eat my lunch. I was getting a bit froggy in the brain. My little sandwich should take care of me the rest of the way. I was anticipating an abnormally slow day. But then I realized almost every invoice we issue has a due date of the 11th, so the call volume is going to be high as people rush to pay their bills at the last minute. I am the recipient of the extra work. Joseph, it seems, has found a way to not take any more billing calls. I’m half tempted to report him, as this is just a scummy way to avoid responsibility. He’s really a snake, and not anyone I’d like to call a friend. He tries to cheat whenever he gets a chance.

I’m doing fine though. A little tired, but I’ll be fine.

**UPDATE 3:00 pm**

Getting closer. But the day has been good. It gets dark so early now. Stupid daylight savings. Nevertheless, my day has been brisk, and no people yelling at me and lots of problems solved. I’ve been texting with Sasha and it helps to have someone to talk with during the day. I’m still a little tired. I was up pretty late last night just messing around on my phone. Wasn’t tired. I should have played more Diablo II. I found a belt that does +1 to skills so I can get my zeal up to liver 12 on my Assassin which is like, unheard of. That’s +11 to all skills. Wow. Yeah with that indestructible phase blade it seems to be working out nicely. She’s still in the low to mid 70s and will need to break 81 before I can use the belt. Anyway. Take care.