The Challenge Of The Negative-Self

It’s a good time to be me. I’m coasting along in my life and being very responsible about it. I have so much to lose. I have a great example to share about how I debate with myself over critical decisions that affect my success:

I had been thinking some sad Jax thoughts (after hearing some music that reminded me of her (Pearl Jam “Black”), and was subsequently tempted to go read her blog and find out what she’s been up to. However, I correctly identified this as a destructive act, as there is no good that can come of it. Would I sneer at her newfound life? Would I feel jealous is she seemed happy? Would I be glad if she was failing? Do you see how none of those possible reactions are at all good? This was a turning point for me; helping myself be liberated from that negative voice always tempting me to do the wrong thing. Go get some candy. No one will notice.

I am choosing discipline in my mind, a thing I must have in order to continue making positive steps. How could I come out here and face myself with pride, if underneath I know I’m not being honest? I find this blog useful when it becomes a reflection on my actual thoughts and processes. To rob it of the truth is to deprive my words of their worth and substance. I don’t want that to happen.

So I just thought I might want to share that confrontation I just had with the negative voice in my mind. He lost today, and hopefully, on more occasions than just this one. Peace be with you friends, and serenity.

3 thoughts on “The Challenge Of The Negative-Self

  1. I think it’s amazing how you’re looking at the situation in a new perspective! Stay strong!
    Could you possibly check out my writing? :)

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