Life Choices

I can’t say I’ve made too many really good ones. It never seems like I give them much credit or respect at the time that they are happening either. There’s no way to zoom-out and get a better idea of the landscape surrounding momentary decisions, I’ve found. Sometimes we turn and look no further than what’s directly beneath our feet, and this is folly. I hear guys at work talking about the lives they lead. I wonder how they got there, some married, some not, some with kids, some who live with their parents. We all have different roads that we walk down, and there are lots of places to change directions. But do we make the right decisions when we’re right in the thick of it? Sometimes we pick the easiest thing. I know I have been guilty of that in my past. If the path goes uphill, we can be reluctant to chose a way that will invoke more labor. But this brings us back to perspective. Those hard choices often lead to an better, healthier and more stable road overall, with fewer obstacles and bushes and shit. But in that critical moment, looking down and no where else is often the outcome. Why is this?

I don’t know if I’ve been presented with any major life choices lately. It wasn’t my call that I got offered a job. It wasn’t I who decided to offer me a place to live. It wasn’t I who prescribed the medications I take that help keep me sane. I have had a role in these things, but I haven’t decided anything. My decisions come in the form of making hard choices on a day-to-day level. Should I eat my sandwich for lunch or a burger? Should I do my dishes or let them sit in the sink? Should I get up and go into work today? I can make change happen, but I do so by these minute adjustments in direction, creating a harder path for myself overall, leading to a much better place in the end. I wonder if you see these opportunities in your own life and pass them by. Thinking: that’s harder than what I really want to do. It’s easy to eat French fries. It’s my call though. And it’s yours too. Do you face yourself in the mirror openly, and can you say to yourself: yes, I am being good to you. I have not mastered these tough decisions yet. I’m trying, but the task is arduous and daunting. It can be done, and has been by many.

So maybe we should all spend some time considering those small decisions, and the implications of our decisions about them. I know I will.