The Gavel

Things at work have been tough, and unnecessarily so. With the billing queue we field anywhere from 300 – 500 calls, and my share of that is anywhere from 17 -25. But these calls are not troubleshooting or technical support (the job I was trained for) rather, they’re problems with invoicing, payments and credits affiliated with a customer’s account. These calls are usually negative in tone, because my company sends out robo-calls threatening a disconnection of service, or a past-due letter stating that we will take action unless we get paid. So the people who call in are already in a bad way, and usually have a load of monkey shit to drop on you. 6 of the call agents (including myself) were selected form the group and were trained to handle these issues. Now that we’re more than 4 months removed from that initial training, some of those guys are about ready to give up. I can understand their frustration, but the actions they are taking have repercussions which make my life unnecessarily hard. So they’ve conveniently stopped logging in under the profile that would enable them to take billing calls, thereby, never taking a billing call. Go figure. These guys are the jokers, the laughers, watching YouTube and giggling about this or that. In the profile they choose, the call volume is way lower, so they can afford to stand around and crack jokes (because no one is calling in). In billing though, the call volume is constant. You never have but 30 seconds between calls, or if you were completing one call, you will instantly get another when you are done. These jokers hate that. They’d rather have an easier job, one that lets them stand around and laugh all day. So they are, by their delinquency, making my job harder, as the calls they should be taking out of the queue are now sitting on hold waiting for someone to become available, like me.

Today, when the main liar who tried to convince me that his login was broken (which is why he couldn’t take a billing call) was at it again taking only tech support calls and dodging billing altogether. A second slacker joined him in this, so they thought, clever way of dodging their responsibility. I, on the other hand, was utterly inundated with incoming calls, while they sat around and laughed. I reached a breaking point. I wrote a lengthy email to my boss explaining that it was bullshit what these two were doing. I’m not going to sit by while people cheat and opt out of the job that they are paid to do. It’s just fucking wrong. So I’d had enough. And if I see it again, I’ll report it again. Because this is not acceptable, to make your own job easier and more fun at my expense. Yes I know billing is hard, but it’s your job. It’s not up for debate. This is what they’re asking you to do, so please go out there and do it.

Later, my boss filled me in, and told me that he’d be keeping an eye on the billing queue to make sure these clowns stay logged in. He also told me that it was his intention to expand the role of the other agents into new areas, including billing, so more people would be able to take billing calls, and there would be a rotating schedule. Plus, he added that since I was easily the most experienced billing call agent, that the task of training people to do that job would probably fall on me. I was both honored and flattered. It’s true. Of the 6 guys who were in that training room for billing, I have excelled beyond the others. I have reached out to more people, solved more problems, dealt with more customers than any of those guys. I can see why my manager though it fitting that I might be the best teacher. That really kicked me in the ass. In a good way.

I will continue to plug away at my daunting job, knowing how frustrating it can be, but not avoiding it altogether because it’s easy to flake-out. I’m not a quitter, and I fight hard to make a name for myself. I fully intend to hold the line, and not let these fucking nitwits ruin my job while they ride the giggle train all the way to funny town. I just don’t see how that’s at all fair.

With that said, I’ve had a good day overall. It’s not Friday for me. I still have to go in for training tomorrow morning. But it’s all overtime baby. Four hours of it.

I hope you have a nice Friday doing something fun. Hopefully not just reading my little inconsequential rants.