Bubble Time

I think it’s in my best interest to get out and do things as often as possible. I don’t fare well when I lock myself in my apartment and decline the chance to come out to be social. So this weekend, after 4 hours of it were spent working, I’m going to expand my bubble and do some good things for myself. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with my uncle, aunt, and my aunt’s daughter. We’re headed back to my old stomping grounds in “downtown” Jamul to have a tasty food. Albeit, not the healthiest choice, but you have to make exceptions every once and a while.

Tomorrow, my friend Jacqueline is coming over for Sunday Night Football, bbq and fun. I’m really glad to be reconnecting with her after a few months. I had been intimately focused on myself, and my journey back to a healthy frame of mind, and had not the time or inclination to have many extra relationships. Now that I have achieved some stability, I will be branching out to try new things, and work on getting my bubble to a healthy size.

Since Friday the 7th, I’ve been on new doses of some of my existing medications and added Lithium to the equation. By Monday the 10th I was already feeling some changes, and that positive energy has not let up since. I’ve been great at work, applying myself and continuing to excel in the areas I’m being asked to be responsible for, and generally have been responding well to my med changes. The proof is in the way I feel, and despite hardships, I’m rising to the occasion. I have not lost another day to poor mental health, and I have not felt down or off at all. Things are moving right along.

I’m still trying to be proactive, even if I am not acutely lonely, I don’t want to cast myself into a poor situation by not adequately expanding my bubble of activities. I could loose my momentum of I’m not careful, and I don’t want to unseat this new energy I have directing my processes. Blog, I’m in a positive place, and helping myself get to a better place all the time. This is what I had hoped my independent life would be like. Either it’s coming true, or I’m active about making it my reality, but either way, it’s an encouraging sign.

I hope you find peace and fun in your weekend, as I have in mine. Take care.