In The Middle

I’m having an eventful day. I went to my cousin’s house for food and fun for her birthday, and I got to hang out with my family, and her husband’s family. It was a lot of people I didn’t really know, but I hung with it for a few hours (most of the Charger’s game) and headed home close to 4, to get ready for Jacqueline coming over tonight. I’m excited to be doing so many fun things. This is definitely a break from the norm earlier last month where I was not going anywhere or doing anything during my weekend days off. I much prefer the activity, even if it is challenging, and even if I get nervous a bit around people I don’t know.

I bought myself some fresh ground coffee and have really been enjoying it. I’ve (perhaps) abused it a bit today, but I am trying to stay up and not poop out around 8 like I normally would. I’d like to be up late enough to watch the end of the Sunday night game, hopefully I make it.

Back when I posted about the guy at work who was not doing his job, I neglected to mention that I played him this week in fantasy football, and beat him. Poetic justice. I have a 6 point lead with one player still to go, and he has no one left on his roster. Victory sealed. I would have been crushed if I lost to his team, and his loser ass. What a flake this guy has turned out to be. I thought I might make him my friend, but he’s proven to be deceitful and a cheater at every turn. I’m very disappointed. But glad to have a win to move my team to an outstanding 10-1 on the season. I’ve won 8 in a row, and I’m a lock for the playoffs. Who knows, this might be a great upset where I get toppled once I make it to the post season, but I’d like to think I have a shot at the championship for the first time in my entire fantasy football career. Maybe?

But either way, I’m having a great weekend, full of healthy activity and fun. Seeing those cousin babies is always pretty fun. Even though I don’t really interact with the kids, I like to be around them. It’s refreshing to see those young faces.


I hope you have a good night. I’m going to.

**UPDATE 8:30 pm**

The Sunday night game was a 22 point blowout. Sad. But the company (Jacqueline) was great. We made an amazing chicken salad and way more than 2 people could eat. I will have it to bring to lunch tomorrow. I’m tucked soundly in my bed, and about ready to pass out. It’s been a highly eventful and active day, on a great weekend ticket. I’m looking forward to work this week. I know. Has he lost it? No. Even though I am generally stressed and forced to interact with loser people (or listen to them laughing all day), I do enjoy what I do. It might be tough sometimes, but it has its rewards. I’m pooped. Have a great night.