Chlorophyl Dinner

I banished myself to the land of green after a jaunt into dietary collapse this afternoon. I must admit I failed to resist the little voice in my head that wants me to do bad things. I listened to him, and he got his way. So I’m disappointed in myself. But I did a sensible thing and ate an entire mixed greens bag for dinner, which I find to be satisfying but not terribly filling. So caloric intake is probably over the line, but at least I didn’t make it worse by eating a ton of carbs for dinner. And there you have it.

Today was good, because Gabriel came over to my desk and told me he was going to start training me in timers and Mbox, which I was thoroughly happy with. My company is huge. Not only do they control the market on drive thru restaurant communication systems, they also own the in store music that you might hear coming through the overhead speakers in a retail business. I was initially trained to just do drive thru technical support, and soon that morphed into me learning about billing. Now they are going to add a new dimension to my drive thru knowledge by including another piece of equipment to my skill set (see timers). The theory behind timers is that drive thru restaurants really care about how fast they are, and can even weigh earnings based on how fast they move customers through the different areas of the drive thru line. So timers calculate that, and are complicated in how they operate, and how they fail. Mbox is a variety of music player that is supported by my office in San Diego, which is basically a giant iPod with an antiquated interface and menus to customize the operation of the device. We send them out preloaded with music, which is stored on a hard drive inside the device. It connects to the Internet via phone line or Ethernet and renews licenses for the music and downloads new songs or changes that are made on its administration webpage. So I’m already familiar with the concepts involved in these two aspects of the business. What I don’t have is the device-specific knowledge and answers to common troubleshooting problems. For me, this is an excellent step in the right direction. I already have an invaluable advantage in my billing knowledge and leadership in that area. But to add these other components would easily make me the most diversified call agent in the DTOC. I would be able to handle nearly any problem that we could conceivably be called on to solve in the San Diego office. I’m totally enthusiastic about learning this stuff and can’t wait until we get past thanksgiving so I can get started on the training. This is a leap forward for me, solidifying my place and entrenching me as a long term employee.

But on the menial side of things, I have been a little emotional today. I can’t really explain why. I got to thinking about Jax again because some music came on that brought it back for whatever reason. It was the empty place that my love for her used to fill aching. I expect that may go on for some time yet. It’s not easy to just get over it. My reasons for not suffering are good, but sometimes it still hurts. I don’t know how else to describe it. Sometimes I am driving and I say in my head: hey, your wedding ring is not on your finger (like I had forgotten it somewhere)! The feeling of it not being there, when I had been so used to the feel of it on my finger. It’s been 7 months, but I sill get that off sensation.

I go to therapy tomorrow, and I’m excited to see Margaret. I don’t know that I have very much to report, but it’s not always about addressing issues so much as holding the mirror up to my life for careful examination. I value her insights, and perspective.

Have a great night blog. I’m headed up to an even more excellent life. I hope that you have the same good fortune in your own lives, as I have in mine.