Unexpected Support

I just received a neat little email from my aunt, stating how much I am in her thoughts and that she wanted me to know that she cares deeply for me. She lives in Montana with an isolated limb off the family tree. It was an unprovoked action taken out of genuine concern for my lot. I think this is fantastic. I didn’t go overboard in my reply, simply stating the facts of my life as I see them. She was interested to know how I was managing on my own, and I was only too happy to articulate. So I have a new email buddy along with Sasha and Will. Right on.

Speaking of Will, he may be headed back to San Diego from his current location of Portland, Oregon. He just broke up with his girlfriend Sandra and she left to go back to San Diego where her family is. Will may have to do the same, as his resources and chance at stability up there are running out. I know he wants to forge an independent life, and I totally support that, but not at an excessive cost and not without stability.

It’s another workday morning. I’ll keep this post updated through the day as I plod along. Be well.

**UPDATE 11:00 am**

A lot of the guys around me who also take billing calls are running into barricades as they try to navigate this very tricky part of their jobs. So far, they have incurred scrutiny and reprimand as a result of our limited understanding of the job itself, and the resources available to do it effectively. Hopefully there is some consideration that we are doing the best we can, and just following what limited procedures we have on some of these incoming issues. I have not been “coached” (see being told what I did initially was wrong) recently and have been fielding more billing calls than anything else. So I hope my trend of doing my job right continues. The bubble may burst at any moment, as I’m aware.

**UPDATE 12:30 pm**

A little too busy today. And the fact that most of my coworkers prefer to eat out is driving me nuts. The good they bring smells just so amazing, but I know it’s terrible for me. I have to endure the smells while not being able to partake. It’s a festival of gluttony. Most people at my work are obese by a large margin. They even have to waddle around because their fat guts spread their hips out. It’s not a good environment for someone trying to eat well. It’s overflowing with temptation, and I have been offered food before and always turned it down. I bring my own lunch and I eat alone. The break room smells wretched, like caked-on rotten food. It’s the opposite of appetizing. I’m fine with my routine the way it is. No need to conform. It’s just hard when everywhere I turn, someone is eating something delicious.

**UPDATE 3:30 pm**

It’s lonesome work out here. I’m an oddball, and as a result, I find myself standing apart from most people. I don’t really want to be a part of the crowd though. I think I do better on my own, as there are fewer things to worry about. I’m a bit mixed up in the feelings department right now. It’s hard to explain. But overall, things are good. Day is winding down. I’m glad to have therapy tomorrow. It will be nice to chat with Margaret again.