The Mondays

I don’t really understand this notion. I guess this is for people who hate their jobs, and the thought of enduring a full week of work is somehow unbearable. But I generally like what I do, and can’t complain about it. It is hard sometimes, but ever since they added those 30 agents to the billing queue, things have not been overwhelming. Not at all. I spend vast stretches of time just pouring over my fantasy football numbers (maybe part of my unprecedented success this year).

So I’m at work now and having a medium busy day. Definitely not an arduous occasion. It COULD be really nasty, but it’s not. It’s nice instead. I’m quite happy with the way work is going.

I don’t think there is going to be a festive football gathering tonight, even though my fantasy playoff hopes are at stake. If Miami’s defense has a respectable night, I win! Yay. So if they are worth -3 points total I’m screwed and I’m out of the playoffs.

My mood has been good. I have had my moments where I get acutely lonely about my lot, but it doesn’t last and doesn’t drag me down. Sadness about my solitude is ever-present but not constricting my ability to function. I could get all worked up about it. But why bother wasting the energy?

Have a great day. Hopefully you got over your case of the Mondays.