At long last my desolate and dry corner of the United States is getting some rain. Long overdue precipitation began accumulating around 9 am this morning and has been inconsistently falling since. Los Angeles and Santa Barbara are taking the brunt of the rain right now, but I expect that will head south as the day wears on. I can’t describe how welcoming it is to have measurable rainfall again. It’s a huge sigh of relief for our drought-stricken county. But the best is yet to come.

A change in the weather always gets me a little excited. It’s a new routine and a welcome diversion from the norm of hot and dry. I know most of you are like: yeah, big freaking deal. But it rains consistently where you are in the winter, and that is not the case here. We are the desert southwest, and rain is an event, not a regular (expected) occurrence.

I’m doing fine. I have a headache that won’t give up no matter what I do, but I’m coping through it. What else can I do? So I’ve taken maybe 10 – 15 calls today so far, pretty steady. I’ve had a chance to watch the Doppler radar to see when the next rain will be. Maybe not for another 30 minutes or more, as we are between cells. Maybe longer. I just ate my lunch and my headache has lessened. I feel like a bug under those halogen lights and in front of my glowing computer screen. I get 2 weekends of work coming up this month, on the 14th and the 27th. Another weird week for Christmas, where I will get two days off with two days of work between them. Not ideal, but I need the money and the cred.

I hope you find weather as exciting as I do. It’s really quite fun to study and predict. I’m a science nerd though so maybe this doesn’t get you off like it does for me. Be well.

**UPDATE 4:30 pm**

The big wave of rain is rapidly approaching, after dropping 2 inches on Santa Barbara and an inch on Los Angeles. It’s losing steam, but should be a decent saturation. I’m hopeful for an overnight downpour leading in to a wet tomorrow. I have therapy in the morning and it should be a soggy commute.