I’m doing everything in my power to stay frosty, but I’m having a rough go of it. My energy level has been low today. I was training for nearly half the day and then back in the queue right as things were beginning to slow down. So it’s not going to be an eventful night at work. I’m yawning and can only think about when I next get to go to bed (hopefully soon). There is a football game to watch but I seriously doubt if I will be able to make it through the whole thing.

I fired up my playstation 2 after finding it in storage. I seem to have lost all my memory cards though, so I had to go order a new one. I had complete save games for Final Fantasy X, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and both Katamari Damacy games. I had some epic records on those games, and now I will have to go back and set them all again. Not to worry though. I will probably have fun doing it.

So an early bedtime for me. And hopefully one not followed by more sad dreams. I hate waking up feeling depressed for no good reason. I have been having fun playing Age Of Empires III, but I don’t think I will tonight, I’m just so fucking tired. Can’t explain it. My muscles hurt because of the the torment I put them through on Saturday. I sit for an hour then stand up and groan. Sigh.