F****** Tired

It never fails. On the evening commute when I most want to get home quickly, I get stuck in a snarl of traffic. The commute took a solid 14 minutes longer than normal, with snail-crawl action on the 15 headed out of mission valley. Sigh. But I don’t get frustrated by traffic or angry about it at all. I just would rather have been home.

Work was nice today. I spent the whole morning until 2:00 pm with Wayne learning Mbox, our two online ticketing systems Kana and ServiceChannel, as well as VAR Admin. These are all totally new concepts for me, and I may only get one more day of training before I have to start taking calls. In other related news, Mike (my boss) came up to me today to ask me officially if I could start training people in billing. I will be taking agents aside and going through the basics of what kinds of issues I run into with the company’s billing. I don’t think I’ll have more that three hours of material to go through. Maybe less. There’s no need to conference anyone in on my calls, the bulk of the issues they will face are repeatable actions within Oracle like printing an invoice or taking a payment. Issues such as those I will be able to show them right on my computer screen. And another supervisor from Austin, Laurel, made a flow chart that details what actions we need to take when certain issues arise. The chart has saved me multiple times when I otherwise would have fucked up my translation of customer request into action. I’m looking forward to starting my role as teacher, and hope I manage to do a good job.

So I’m curled up beneath my comforter. I open my windows at night and turn the fan on at the foot of my bed. I like my room to be cold, so when I go under the blankets I don’t overheat. I stay in a controlled bubble of temperate conditions. I had a brain-tiring day and I’m ready for sleep. Goodnight blog.