Let’s Review

Today was perhaps the single fastest day at work that I can recall in my several months of being there. The first four hours was gone before I even had time to come up for air. I learned a lot today about the three distinct web-based interfaces we use to keep track of Mbox related things. I will, undoubtedly, start fielding issues tomorrow, which I am not overly concerned about. I generally don’t like not knowing what I’m talking about. I prefer to be direct and concise, and not ramble on like an idiot. At least, that’s how I feel about it. Be prepared, don’t just wing it.

I go back to see Dr. Judge on Friday, and I will have only good things to report to her. My mood has been excellent of late. My energy level is nominal, my sleep is regular, my diet is primarily good and my mental health is at a record-breaking level of goodness. I can concentrate at work well enough to get by, but I really have to work to reel my monkey mind in sometimes. I’ll be doing an order and suddenly start typing what I was thinking about instead of what I was actually supposed to be doing. It bothers me a little. But I always catch myself, and sometimes I’ll even go back over an order that I just finished and doublecheck it to make sure I didn’t wander off and forget something. Oh, that error report came out on Monday and most everyone had a list of orders that had some issues. My name was on there, and out of the roughly 30 orders I put in, one had an error. And it was a simple fix, I just forgot to choose the proper shipping method. Duh. But that’s ok. I was hoping I would have no errors at all, but I’ll settle for one. Just to give you some idea, most everyone had from 3 to 9 orders that had mistakes, some orders had multiple errors, as the report lists all the different ways an order can be fucked up. I had one error on one sales order. Nearly everyone else was in it WAY deeper than I was. Steven had at least ten, and they all had multiple errors on every order. These guys have been here longer than I have. I figured they knew what they were doing. Assuming makes an ass of you and me. Nar har har.

So concentration has been my only real mental struggle. I don’t want to take meds for my ADD anymore because they fuck up my mood more than they help me focus. Riddilin caused me to get angry when it wore off. Aderall just never managed to cut the fog for more than an hour. I guess I will go largely untreated for this aspect of my disorder, but I can discipline myself to focus harder and not lose my train of thought. It is not easy, but possible.

My parents snuck into my apartment today and decorated it and brought me a Christmas tree. I saw this multicolored glow coming from within my living room as I walked up to my door and I was thinking: you bonehead. You left the kitchen light on all day? Pleasantly surprised to see tinsel everywhere and a three foot tree with ornaments and lights all over it. Hooray for Christmas! Have a good night blog.