Newness And Sickness

I’m doing lots of new things at work, and admittedly, doing them at an accuracy rate of around 85%. I just started in on this aspect of the business and my learning curve has been rapid, and necessarily so, because we need help handling those problems, especially on the evening shift when there are usually just 3 of us. I’m already fielding calls and handling issues when I really could have been training still. It took me 3 days to process all the new information I had been given, while other guys who are learning this material took 2 weeks to learn the it. I credit my instructors Wayne and Reggie for cramming as much information as they could into my eager brain. I’m handling minor issues and can troubleshoot the boxes easily now. I am pretty proud of this, as I am rapidly becoming the most versatile employee in the call center. I do drive thru, billing and trusonic now, and very soon I will be learning timers and I can stop handing those calls off to techs who know more about that equipment. Once I have a handle on that, I will have the ability to handle any kind of call we could possibly receive at the DTOC. I’m going to go through the training in the next week or so, and Mike told me that as soon as everyone goes through the timer training, I will then be pulling people aside to do billing. I’ve started developing an organized curriculum so that I’m not just winging-it, but rather, making the issues a billing rep will face less daunting with strategically organized knowledge. I know billing was brutal for me, just doing it after 4 hours of training that did not impart the necessary information in order to be successful at it. In fact, much of what we spent time learning I have never EVER had to use. I’m not sure what they were thinking, but there you have it. The progress I have made since that woeful start has been all on me, and due in large part to my need to learn the processes in order to survive. And there are SO MANY intricacies. It’s nuts.

I went over to my parent’s RV last night and got in a dinner and bragging session with them. Sadly, I do believe they have poisoned me by feeding me undercooked flank steak. I’ve had indigestion and loose stool all day, and I even ate a sandwich at lunch thinking that would be no problem. WRONG-O. My body is currently rejecting all solid food, and I will be fasting until I starve out this foul sickness that has taken over my digestion. Whatever it is, I make it worse by eating. So here we go with a few days of no food.


I go see Dr. Judge tomorrow, and I’m going to ask her for 3 months of refills, as this is my last psychiatric appointment at the clinic. I have health coverage now, and I don’t belong there anymore. That service is for people who don’t have any kind of healthcare and need help. I’m a high-functioning client who will need to get a new psychiatrist and keep feeding my brain the medications that I know are working, with the occasional tweak needed in order to keep me level and stable. I’m doing great in that department. I have no poor news in the mental health area to report. I’ve been high-energy, composed, strong and balanced. I’m solid yo.


These little check-ins I do help keep me sane. I find that I need to write in order to get the things that run around in my mind out of my head and into the internets. I don’t expect anything, because why would I need to? This place is a thought-faucet, as I have described it in the past. It’s not organized, or worth anything to anyone but me. I appreciate the 550+ followers who seem to gather something of worth from my insane nattering. I think that’s all bonus, frankly. I don’t do this for you, I do it so I don’t go crazy. I’m glad you are there, however. Have a good night doing whatever it is you do.