12 Consecutive Days

I picked up a shift this Saturday and was already on the schedule for Sunday. So since December 8th I will have worked every day until Saturday the 20th. And some of that will be overtime, which is why I’m willing to do this. I’m a single guy with very few friends and no social life, so working my ass off fits right into the plan. I’m making more money per paycheck than I have since I was just starting college and working as an editor for an environmental document production company. And I must say that I’m doing WAY better at this job than that one. At least, it’s clear I’m making more progress in my current occupation. My bank account has never looked better. And I pay all my bills and there is no question about my security. So the sacrifices I make are well worth it. Even if they tire me out a bit.

Working the weekends is usually pretty laid back. I dress casual, wear my hoodie and sneakers. On Saturday, after I get off work, the rocks we put in the tumblers will need to have their grit changed, which presents us with a chance to see the progress they’ve made through the first week. This is a really fun and exciting thing to do, and some of the agates and chalcedony my mom picked up are quite impressive. I look forward to seeing how they shaped after the 60/90 grit had a week to work on them. The rocks will lose size, but expose a new surface not pitted and rounded by weather. It will also remove matrix or other material stuck to the stones, or break them apart, which will happen to a few of them. But I’m really eager to see them. And so is my mom, who is meeting me down there after I get off work.

Tomorrow I will have to do my laundry, and there is no escaping the need to run two loads. I try to get it all in one but my sheets are going to push me over the edge. So probably four hours of laundry are in store for me. Huzzah. But at least my stuff will be clean and not smelling like armpit boy. I don’t think I smell, but I’m big and the bigger you are, the smellier you are.

Today we had a huge Christmas celebration. They raffled off a tv, two kindle fires and all kinds of good shit. I didn’t win anything. But I already have everything I want, so it’s not like I’m bummed out. I’m glad some of those guys got to win some shit. They even handed out all these fake little Christmas trees which I was in no way interested in owning. Come to think of it, I’m glad I didn’t win anything… where the fuck would I put my loot?

My meeting with Dr. Judge was good this morning. I told her how well I was doing and informed her that this may be our last meeting. Since I have healthcare now, I’m disqualified from using the free clinic. She gave me two refills and sent me on my way. I will also have to conclude therapy with Margaret soon, as I can’t keep going back there anymore. But things change. Time has a way of altering the landscape. But I still need therapy and meds so I will have to get after it in January when my plan kicks in. I will miss Margaret. Kinda sad. But a change that demonstrates how strong my life is, and how secure.

So I’m retiring early and getting ready around 7:30 to be at work by 9:00 am. I’ll finish my day at 2:30, since I’m only really picking up a partial shift from Oscar. I’m not even going to take a damn lunch. I’ll just hammer it out then scoot over to storage and play with the new rocks. Have a great night blog. And thanks for reading.

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