Buckets Of Stuff

I’m past the half way point in my long block. 12 straight days. 54 hours on the clock this week and 104 total. I know some people work way more than I do, but I seriously don’t know how you guys do it. I’m feeling pretty tired after 9 hours today. Good news being I think I have that stomach bug beat. Hooray.

I’m a little sad, but I think it’s because I’m feeling really strung out. I’m not dwelling on anything in particular or even thinking about negative things. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Fantasy football is far from decided. I’m in the lead, but that could all change in an instant. We will know more after Monday night’s game. I’m doing my laundry and its past sundown. I really worked too much. I don’t have the time to do my regular weekend chores when most of my time I spent in the office. I guess when that paycheck comes in, I’ll understand why I busted my ass.

I’m going to have to stay up for a while because my sheets are in the second load currently sitting in the washer.

My cousin invited me to a Palringo chat group where people just share poetry. I didn’t know my cousin wrote poems, but he does. The contributors on the chat all have such vastly different styles: some prefer cadence or rhyme, some take a more literal/descriptive approach. I find my own poetry is largely imagery with ties to emotions or feelings. I posted Cry For You in there. I figure that would be a fair look at how I write. But my poetry is always changing, as my emotions and thoughts do. It’s not something I typically brag about, but this group seems geared for listening so I figured “why not?”

I’ve been writing this post as I was doing my laundry and watching football. But I’m not going to stay up much longer. I was active at 5 am, and in a hurry to get to work by six. I got there with five minutes to spare, and I had to deactivate the alarm again and turn the lights on at the fuse box. I was thinking that I was running late. Turns out I was the first poor sap there. And it was a longer than normal day because we all choked down an hour lunch. I was plum bored by the midway point. But I did field a ton of issues. I took 30 calls, and that’s insane for a Sunday. Really? 30? That is like a regular weekday sum. Not appropriate for what I thought was supposed to be a kick-back shift. But whatever. It was all double time.

Tomorrow I start day 8, concluding with day 12 on Friday. Just five more kid, and you get a full two off in a row even. Jesus won’t that be nice.