Here we are on a cold Monday morning that really does feel like a Monday. I’m not sure if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I’m going over to my parent’s RV this evening to steal some more Christmas music. We dug a bunch of it out of storage when we took the unit apart a couple weekends ago. Speaking of the storage unit, Moo set the tumblers, so by next Sunday we should know what shape the stones will take. Then comes the fun part: polishing. Some of the fine agates I have seen in there are going to look just spectacular when the task is done. And colorful chalcedony and jasper. Damn. I can’t wait until Sunday. I really want to have a look at them after this step. This will be their (roughly) final size. And we’ll know which ones are going to be ideal for jewelry.

I’m winning in the first round of the fantasy playoffs in the family league, and can really only lose it if Drew Brees is hurt and can’t play and subsequently Mark Ingram is worth over 30. It could still happen, but not all that likely. At work, week 15 is the final week of the regular season, and I have a 101 point lead over Tony, but he still has 3 players going. So that one is far from over. Fingers crossed. I’m the 1 seed anyway, but I’d like to end the year riding a 12 game winning streak.

I was feeling forlorn last night. I was missing human contact, more importantly, family contact. I was rushed to get my chores done yesterday after work: I had to fill up the truck with gas again, go do a medium sized grocery shopping trip and then run two loads of laundry. I was up past 6:30 waiting for the second load to dry (which had my sheets in it, so that had to get done). I watched the Sunday night game, which was interesting. But I was disconnected. I tried playing a game, but found I just had no patience for it. That should be different tonight, as I will not have any major things hanging over my head waiting to be accomplished.

I’ll be logging updates on this post through the day to keep track of my mood. Thanks for reading.

**UPDATE 11:00 am**

So the order entry error report came out today. If you recall, last week I had 1 error on 1 order, and I was not happy to be on the list. Today, my name was nowhere to be found on the error report, meaning that zero errors were present on the countless orders I put in the system over the last week. Some repeat offenders were on the report, again, with maybe 7 orders and a total of 10 errors or more. Ryan had 4 orders that had errors, but every one of them had three or more things wrong with it. So it keeps track of the order that goes into Oracle, plus about 7 distinct areas where one could make a mistake putting that order in. So I’m pretty stoked. I had 1 total error last week, and zero this week. I do my job very well, it can be said. And I do it (nearly) mistake free. This is a huge confidence boost for me right now. All that hard work I put in every day is absolutely paying off. This report proves I know what I’m doing, and I do it right. Yes!!

**UPDATE 12:30 pm**

I’m wishing it was the end of the day and I could be free. I want to get in a game of Age Of Empires III tonight. I’ve had fun mauling the AI with the Aztecs and just recently with the Japanese. I did rather well building up a mountain of coin and buying dozens of high-powered mercenaries. Arsonists bring down buildings in a hurry.

I’ve been busy so far today, but not overly so. It’s given me some time to sit and think. I know I’m doing ok. I check in with myself often, and I’m not plagued by negative thoughts or sadness. I’m tired right down to the core of my brain. Which is a tough obstacle sometimes, especially when I’m trying to keep my name off the error report. Still pretty stoked about that. I guess I just need to give myself a break, perhaps more often than I have. I’m still mentally ill, and subjecting myself to stress is a great way to relapse.

My blog rolled over the 10,000 views threshold sometime this weekend. I’m not entirely sure what that implies. I guess I’m not a terrible writer, or unpopular. It took me 2 years, but there you have it.

**UPDATE 3:00 pm **

So I saw on the Doppler that there is an isolated thunderstorm off our coast heading east, with the onset of another storm close behind. They are thinking that we will get more than a half inch. I have my doubts. But the rain is welcome in this drought stricken land. Our reservoirs are pathetically low. The desert encroaches.

I’m on my last break. I just reviewed my time card for this last two weeks I logged 80 full time hours plus 16 overtime hours, 8 of which were double time. 96 hours in two weeks. Yikes. I don’t think I’ll be going at that speed for the duration. But in short controlled burst I can manage.

It’s going to be a cold and rainy night. I wish I had a roof over my head so I could hear it falling. It’s a truly amazing noise. Have a great rest of your day blog. I’m going to have a kick-back second half and go see my parents. Huzzah!

Oh and they upgraded our precipitation estimated to .74 tomorrow. Hell yes.