So I’m nearing the mid way point of the week, but in reality, it’s more like the final stretch before the finish. I’ve worked 9 consecutive days now that today is in the books, with 3 more to go. I don’t recall ever working more than 8 days in a row in the various jobs I’ve held, so this run is historic as well. I’m glad to be making these sorts of posts, because it just goes to show how I am busting my ass and handling my responsibilities. I’m a proud boy right now.

Today was a tad slow, but I got stuck on a tough Mbox call late in the day and didn’t get out until 5 after, and the new rainfall (see wet roads) led to a subpar trip time home. I opened my door at 6:42 which is a solid 12 minutes deviation from baseline. I quickly scarfed dinner and have fully retired into bed-mode. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than sleep.

But this presents a problem: has my life become one dimensional because of how hard I’m working? I think it has to some degree. I’m holding my face to the grindstone, and have recently been accepting every weekend hour that has drifted my way. Oscar offered me this coming Saturday when I walked into work today. I bit my tongue and declined. I really do need a day off. Kaiser came up to me today and asked me how I was doing. He knows I’m working 12 straight and he’s likely gone for longer. He said that he works constantly until he starts to go a little crazy, then tells Dave that he needs a week off. He doesn’t want to see me get burned-out so I thanked him for his concern. It’s nice to be looked out for. And people see what I’m doing. I like that.

And this is the guy who not more than four months ago was living under an RV awning crying himself to sleep with sadness and a general feeling of having beef defeated by life. As chance would have it, an interview came my way, and I picked myself up out of the puddle and made the most of it. And when I was presented with the opportunity to prove my value, I took it and ran. I’m mentally ill, and have a debilitating handicap which requires that I fight THAT MUCH HARDER to reach normal. To go above normal and into excellence is truly amazing. My next two week paycheck will be well over $1000 and that’s just one reward of many. I have pride now. For the first time in a long while I look at myself in the mirror and say “yeah buddy.”

I’m doing good, despite living at my desk and using my apartment as a pit stop on the way back to work. My mental state has been stable and positive for many days in a row. I’m taking care of myself and my home. Things are going really well for me right now.

I’m fading fast. Have a good night blog. I’ll be glad when Saturday gets here.