I have been given a lot of new material to learn in recent weeks, and I think I’m doing a good job retaining it. I was just troubleshooting an Mbox with a customer last night and managed to handle the process from start to finish without assistance. That’s RMAing a new unit and ordering another one as well. I’m still learning my way through the process but it’s coming along nicely. I’ve managed to process several orders and haven’t had one kicked back at me yet, even though I know there were some mistakes on them. Probably corrected by more experienced agents and processed regardless.

So I’ve had 1 order with 1 error on it for the last two weeks of order entry. My name was on the spreadsheet at first, then stricken from record the second time around. That’s the way it aught to be. I don’t want to be known for making mistakes or not including all the necessary information on my orders. I haven’t had one kickback from order review in more than a month. Nice, right? That’s because I’m not screwing around most of the time or doing as little as possible in the effort department.

I went over and grabbed some Christmas music from my parents. That was fun. I watched as my family league fantasy football team seal the victory and push me on to the championship. It’s me vs the 12-1 team. But that 1 loss he has came at my hands, when I beat him week 3. So it is still possible that I’m due for a repeat, but not all that likely. His team is a juggernaut. But he lost the central component in DeMarco Murray to hand surgery, and he will likely miss week 16 possibly week 17. That would give me a fighting chance. I need my receivers to all have breakout performances because his running backs are still elite and could dismantle me. So my hopes are not high, but I will still give it my best shot.

I cleaned my house before I left. My parents are coming over to make The Queen’s Oats, which are downright amazing. In the holiday cooking category, they are certainly my favorite baked good my family produces. They are fantastic, and irresistibly delicious.

I’m tired, and I think that my sadness is getting more attention because my defenses and attitude are vulnerable. I’m not mired in it or anything, but I realize it’s there and don’t want to fall in to it and be stuck. I take the time to express my feelings here on the blog, because I figure it’s a good way to let that sadness have the spotlight temporarily and allow it to be understood and subsequently processed. It’s a better solution than ignoring it or stuffing it back down where it came from.

I have no secrets from you. When I feel confused or sad, you will hear about it. I could make this blog artificial by showing you only what I want you to see, but that defeats the purpose of introspection. How is it helping me to show you only the positive stuff? It’s not. I’m deluding you and myself if I think I can put on rose-colored glasses and see the world though them (and somehow convince you to do so as well). It’s folly, and leads only to an explosion of unrecognized feelings later on down the road. That’s the exact event I am endeavoring to avoid.

So it’s really a mixed bag with me. You never know what thing has popped into my brain and requires attention. It could be anything, and sometimes it’s nothing at all. But it’s all me and all accurate as I can manage. Hope you enjoy the ride!

**UPDATE 12:30 pm **

It’s been a slow day. I’m out here listening to Christmas music on my phone and watching the raindrops hit my windshield. The radar says there is a big thunderstorm off our coast headed inland, but likely to make landfall near Oceanside or some other part of north county. There is another cell that could congeal into a thunderstorm that would drift right over us, but it looks to be deteriorating instead of getting stronger.

I’m happy. This time of year is always so uplifting. To be with family and friends to enjoy a season of giving and sharing. I’m not buying presents for anyone as this is not part of my budget, but I will be spending time with people that I love. That is the reward in a nutshell. It was raining hard a second ago, but it has now stopped. I’m going to run back in the building before it starts up again. See ya.