I lost big tonight in fantasy football. In the league I run I was eliminated the first week of the playoffs. In the family league I now trail and will likely lose there too next week. So I gave it my best shot, and I have failed yet again. Ruined by AJ Green’s injury and complete absence from tonight’s game. Zero fantasy points. I lose.

Today people felt it especially necessary to treat me like shit. I was hung up on, disregarded and otherwise ignored. I tried to give simple instructions on how to identify the information they need to give me and she flat out refused to help. Nope. Couldn’t be bothered. I was having a pretty sour day until my fantasy season came crashing to a halt. 14-1? Who gives a shit. Can’t win when it counts, you are a loser. Go join the nameless rabble who are not remembered.

A really rock solid day today, all around. Tomorrow I am driving to Carlsbad for my uncle’s retirement party. I will be up there for a few hours, then right back after it the next day. And the very next day after Christmas you better bet I’m working then too. And the Saturday after. Then I get to come home and watch my team be executed in the public square by my opponent on Sunday. That will be the final cherry on the cake of my failed season. Another opportunity squandered, another substandard finish to an exemplary year. But it all means nothing. I didn’t win. I’m eliminated. My season is now over. Boo.

Have a good night. Hopefully you didn’t have 20 weeks of work go to complete fucking waste. I wish I had the time back. Fuck losing. I lose every year. I never win shit. This is fucking horse-shit. So be it football gods, so be it. Your most faithful servant rendered humble before you once more. Tell me, almighty football gods, why have you smote me so many times? Do you derive pleasure from torturing a devoted follower?


4 thoughts on “Loser

  1. My team didn’t really win a whole lot this year (not fantasy) but I still love watching them play. I’m sorry people are rude to you, you don’t deserve that.

    • Thanks. Yeah it was on at least three different calls. Just bad luck that I got them from the queue. I’m just a bit dissapointed in the outcome of my teams. I thought I would do better than I did. But I just needed to cry about it for a few. We’re back on track.

  2. That’s a tough one. I am inclined to say that I have been reaching out to new people at work, which has been nice. But not a real relationship; nothing more than polite formality. I’m still nervous. Im scared that I will get hurt again somehow, or break someone’s heart. I don’t want to let anyone get close right now. I am inclined to think that my fear will not last forever. So changing yes, but cautiously.

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