Boy am I glad to be done with today. I was barely hanging in there. The boredom was severe, and the tasks were few and far between. I handled 20 calls, which is about half yesterday’s volume, and most of that came in the beginning of the day. The afternoon was dreadfully dull and the evening was dead. In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t like having nothing to do at work. It sucks. I’d much rather be busy with things to do. Not only does that help me feel more productive and useful, but it also makes the time fly. Which I like. Today felt like 14 hours of staring at my computer screen waiting for the next call to come in. Not a fan of that.

Well, even though today was not very productive, it is still a mini Friday for me, as I do not work tomorrow. It’s the first day of 2015, and what better way to kick off the new year than to not be at work? I can’t think of anything is rather be doing. I’m going to go see the third Hobbit movie tomorrow, The Battle Of The Five Armies. I am a resident expert in all things Tolkien, and so far I have been somewhat disgruntled at how Peter Jackson has added so much mindless, ridiculous action to this story. There was no falling down a crevasse in Moria riding a destroyed goblin bridge. There was no orcs attacking the dwarves while they rode the barrels out of Murkwood to safety. There was no orc attack on Bard’s house in Laketown with Legolas showing up to save the day. These things are fabrications, and are implemented by Jackson to make a short narrative into a lengthy, sprawling epic. I imagine the next film will have a new preposterously off-base moment that I will be critical of. Hollywood fucks everything up.

It’s frightfully cold in my apartment. I have given some thought to sleep, but I don’t know if I can. I caught myself singing in the truck on the way home, which is how I know my mood is headed back in the right direction. Things are improving.

Tonight I’m thinking about my life, and wondering if I need to spice it up somehow. I’m content with things being boring. But is that going to last? I’ve pooped out before, but I have never before been in so stable a place as I am now. My job is still fun, if not challenging sometimes. I get to solve problems every day, and for a fixer such as I am, I take great joy in that. But between work and home I do very little. My evenings are short and capped off with an early bedtime. I don’t drink. I don’t go dancing or go to clubs. I don’t watch TV because 95% of it is crap. I read articles on science issues, the curiosity rover, and I frequent the USGS website to keep track of what earthquakes have happened in my region. I do live on the pacific tectonic plate, you know, the one that’s moving northwest? I sit in front of my computer and watch the weatherspark radar when a storm hits town. I go to Wikipedia and read about our recent history of large meteors that have exploded in the atmosphere. I’m basically the most well informed boring person you know.

Goodnight blog. Happy new year.